Secret Places, Acrylic, 20x24
Gondolier, Acrylic, 16x20
Follow the Narrow Street, Acrylic, 14x11
Dodging Puddles, Acrylic, 18x18
Calm Autumn Day, Acrylic, 16x20
Brittany Shores, Acrylic, 11x14
Tranquility, Acrylic, 16x20
Light and Shadows, Acrylic, 16x16
Autumn Reflections, Acrylic, 16x16
Tuscan Memories, Acrylic, 11x14
View from the Park, Acrylic, 16x20
Twilight, Acrylic, 14x18
Potted Geranium, Acrylic, 16x8
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